Teori Domino, bermula hari ni Algeria selepas Mesir

Teori domino melanda dunia Arab. Seperti dijangka Algeria, Yamen dan Jordon berada di rangking teratas. Algeria, negara tentera yang pernah campur tangan dan membatalkan kemenangan Abbas Madani dan FIS awal 1990-an dulu. Walaupun Algeria negara paling besar di utara Afrika, namun gerakan domino telah bermula tengah hari tadi. Aljazeera melaporkan seperti berikut :

Algeria protesters break cordon
Pro-democracy demonstrators, inspired by the Egyptian revolution, ignore official ban and march in the capital Algiers.
Last Modified: 12 Feb 2011 05:25 GMT
Algerian security forces and pro-democracy protesters are clashing, as demonstrations got underway in the capital Algiers on Saturday. At least 2,000 protestors were able to overcome a security cordon enforced around the capital’s May First Square, joining other demonstrators calling for reform. Earlier, thousands of police in riot gear were in position to stop the demonstrations that could mimic the uprising which forced out Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Security forces have closed all entrances to the capital and already arrested hundreds of protesters, sources told Al Jazeera. At the scene of the protests, blogger and activist, Elias Filali, said human right’s activists and syndicate members were among those arrested…

“The timing is absolutely perfect. [Mubarak's departure] couldn’t have come at a better time,” Filali told Al Jazeera ahead of the protests. “This is a police state, just like the Egyptian regime [was],” Filali said, adding that Algeria’s government was “corrupt to the bone, based on electoral fraud, and repression”. “There is a lot of discontent among young people … the country is badly managed by a corrupt regime that does not want to listen,” he added…

Other Arab countries have also felt the ripples from the revolts in Egypt and Tunisia. Jordan’s King Abdullah replaced his prime minister after protests. In Yemen, President Ali Abdullah Saleh promised opponents he would not seek a new term. The Bahraini government has also made several concessions in recent weeks, including promising higher social spending. Activists there have called for protests on February 14, the tenth anniversary of Bahrain’s constitution.

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